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Reference Links

The Internet contains a wealth of information about Wisconsin lakes and Lake Kegonsa.  There are many web sites that contain information relevant to lake shore home owners.
Below are links we feel are beneficial.
If you know of a site that should be included here please e-mail our webmaster and let him know.

Lake Levels


7 Day Depth Graph for Kegonsa

4 Lakes Levels

Dane County Lakes

Government Links


Dane County Land & Water Resources

City of Stoughton

Town of Pleasant Springs

Town of Dunn

Dane County Office of Lakes and Watersheds

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Waterways

Department of Natural Resources Erosion Control

Fishing Regulations

Boating Registration, Safety and Regulations

Lake Maps


Department of Natural Resources –Wisconsin Lakes



Accuweather - Really nice for hourly wind, temp and conditions








Kegonsa State Park

County Parks

Weed harvesting equipment locations

Other Interesting Links


Yahara Lakes Info System

Lake Kegonsa Sailing Club

Wisconsin Fishing Regulations

Lakes in Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin DNR, Boating



Stoughton Chamber of Commerce



Fishing Reports Lake

Wisconsin Lakes Partnership

Yahara Lakes Association

Lake Kegonsa Water Quality Reports

Yahara Lakes Water Level Advisory Group

Yahara beach reports

Clean Lakes Alliance

Rock River Coalition

Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club

Fish Stocking History for Lake Kegonsa

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