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 FOLKS Committees

Following are the nine active FOLKS committees.  We welcome all members that might be interested in the committee activities.  Contact the Chairman whose e-mail address is listed.


Lake Level/Lake Monitoring


Runoff Entering the Lake


Door Creek


Leaf Management

Aquatic Plants


Committee Descriptions and Current Board Members:

The Membership Committee maintains the membership list, sends annual dues notices, collects dues, and develops activities to attract new members.
Chairperson:Connie Hagen-
Eric Olson-

The Communications Committee is responsible for the newsletter, lake alerts, FOLKS website, social media and member surveys.

The newsletter is sent by e-mail, although a paper copy is available for an additional $10/yr to cover printing & mailing costs. We are always interested in new material for the newsletters – please contact Dave Luellwitz.

Lake alerts are messages of immediate interest that are emailed to all members with an email address.  FOLKS does email surveys from time to time to learn what members think about lake issues.  This committee maintains the FOLKS website (, Facebook page and Twitter.

Chairperson:Dave Luellwitz, newsletter-
Connie Hagen, emails-
Peter Foy, surveys-
Bill Lamm, website-
Eric Olson, social media-

The Social Committee arranges social events. This committee organizes Spring and Summer social gatherings to renew old friendships and meet new members. They also manage the “Ice On” and “Ice Off” contests each year.

Chairperson:Cathie Taylor-
Janice Kellogg-

The Fisheries Committee works to enhance fishing in Lake Kegonsa.
They evaluate the effectiveness of various fish stocking programs and decide on the amount of the FOLKS donation.
This committee will also be heavily involved in the carp removal project, including meetings with DNR and the commercial fishermen and recommend to the Board what FOLKS should be paying to subsidize the effort.

Chairperson:Peter Foy-
Rick Thorstad -
Patrick Guiney -

The Aquatic Plants Committee monitors aquatic plant growth in Lake Kegonsa.  They evaluate with Dane County the problems, needs, and effectiveness of weed harvesting.  They also determine if weeds have become a big enough problem to consider additional weed harvesting, which would be paid for by FOLKS.

Chairperson: Tom McGinnis-

The Lake Level / Lake Monitoring Committee monitors the water levels in the lake and works with Dane County to request action at the dams, if the lake is unusually high, or low. This committee works closely with The Clean Lakes Alliance and The Rock River Coalition water monitoring programs to provide citizen monitors for Lake Kegonsa.

Chairperson:Bill Lamm -
Peter Foy -

The Runoff Entering the Lake Committee works on issues that negatively impact the water quality of Lake Kegonsa.  They coordinate efforts with Dane County and the Clean Lakes Alliance. This committee is responsible for identifying the impact of major “hot spots” in Kegonsa’s direct drainage.  They work with Dane County, Town of Dunn, Town of Pleasant Springs and Clean Lakes Alliance to identify the “hot spots” and then develop a plan to mitigate the runoff. The committee will work to identify all property on the lake that allows direct run off into the lake.  Once identified the various locations will be prioritized as to their negative impact on the lake and then a specific plan for the high priority locations will be developed.  They will work with the county and CLA to try to figure out why the pond on Skyline doesn’t drain as originally expected.

Chairperson:Bill Lamm-
Eric Olson-
Daniele Thompson-

The Door Creek Committee is responsible for anything involving Door Creek.  This includes such activities as:
Understand Dane County’s ongoing $12M Nine-Point restoration and educating our members about its progress.
Follow the County’s proposed “Suck the Muck” initiative to remove legacy sediments in Door Creek.
Decide on the future of the “Door Creek Aquatic Tour”. Determine if this should be a money raiser for FOLKS, or an educational activity paid for by FOLKS.  Work with the Lakes and Watershed group and sponsors to organize the aquatic tour.

Chairperson:Patrick Guiney-
Jim Stratton-
Janice Kellogg-
Rick Thorstad -
Connie Hagen -

The Leaf Management Committee will be responsible for educating members of FOLKS and the community on the impact leaves have on our lake.
Work to expand hours at the Town of Pleasant Springs refuse site.
Explore other ways that we could offer pickup, or other ways to manage leaves.

Chairperson:Gary Smithback-
Tom McGinnis -
Eric Olson -
Cathie Taylor - 

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